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    Understanding Flags at Half-Staff: Why Are They Lowered Today?

    The Significance of Flags at Half-Staff When a flag is flown at half-staff, it is lowered to half of its normal height on a flagpole as a symbol of respect, mourning, or remembrance. This solemn tribute is often used to honor individuals or groups who have passed away, such as public officials, military service members, or victims of a tragedy.…

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    Why Are Flags Half-Staff Today? Understanding the Significance

    The Symbolism of Half-Staff Flags: What Does It Mean? Flying a flag at half-staff is a symbolic gesture that shows respect and mourning for a tragic event or loss of life. The act of lowering a flag halfway down the flagpole is meant to symbolize the country’s shared mourning and grief. In the United States, the flag is flown at…

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